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Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab

Tamanu Oil Lab combines the most divine cold pressed, certified organic and cruelty-free Tamanu oil with therapeutic-grade organic essential oils for remarkable and proven rejuvenating and healing properties, both internally and externally.  This is #skintherapy at its best…

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab - A review by Eleventh Beauty, organic beauty blogger

For this collaboration I was approached by Jeannine, the creator of Tamanu Oil Lab, who is the sweetest, kindest lady I think I’ve ever come across in the blogging sphere! Jeannine’s revolutionary creation is one of the most exciting all natural organic botanical oils I’ve come across.

That’s quite a big statement for me ladies.  There is a plethora of natural botanical oils popping up these days.  But this one is an exceptional product that stands out from the crowd.

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab Review

Jeannine gave me the opportunity to try her unique custom Tamanu Inspire blend (USD$28) which lets customers choose from a list of organic essential oils and botanical oils to be blended in a base of Tamanu oil.

I chose Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Pumpkin Seed oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil for my blend, and it won me over the second those first few drops touched my skin.

The oil’s gentle, caressing potency is obvious instantly, the nutty aroma spiritually empowering and grounding.  It is a thick, rich oil which readily absorbs into the skin, leaving no oily residue.  I was so impressed with how fast this healing oil worked!  From only one application, my complexion was left calm, hydrated, dewy and youthful.  Utterly divine.

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab Review


Tamanu oil benefits

Made in the USA, all of Jeannine’s products are formulated in a base of the highest quality, 100% organic Tamanu oil, sourced sustainably from Malekula, a small island in the South Pacific. Natural and organic therapeutic essential and botanical oils are then incorporated into the various blends. All ingredients are pure, undiluted and the entire range is coral-reef safe, cruelty-free and free of chemicals, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, sulfates, zinc oxide and petrochemicals.

Dubbed ‘nature’s forgotten medicinal miracle’, it seems that this rare, yet powerful ancient wonder oil was never actually ‘forgotten’ by those in the South Pacific, which is home to the Tamanu nut tree.

It was only in the last century however, that the oil was ‘discovered’ by the western world and an extensive body of research has since been built up, proving the oil’s ‘unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing and the growth of healthy skin’ (source).

With Tamanu oil’s fast healing and potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it does a fantastic job at promoting healthy, clear, blemish-free skin.  It is ideal for anyone who is prone to inflammation of any kind, including more serious skin concerns like acne, scars, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab Review

“Movement creates energy and inspires change. Shake before use to start your personal movement.”

#Skintherapy at its best

In addition to the external and internal healing properties of Tamanu oil, the Inspire Blend contains organic essential oils, chosen by the customer, which offer therapeutic benefits that go beyond skin deep.

My blend was formulated with Geranium, Lavender, Chamomile and Sandalwood essential oils.  I chose these oils because they are ideal for my skin type (i.e. anti-inflammatory, calming, balancing etc.).  But in addition to their topical benefits, they are also powerful at calming the nerves and promoting feelings of chilled out happiness.

I experienced this effect on my emotions the very first time I used my blend.  To set the scene, I was getting ready to attend a friend’s wedding and had used the oil as a hydrating base to prep the skin before applying make-up (which did wonders!).  My two boys were staying overnight with my parents and this had sent me into a highly anxious state because I really don’t enjoy leaving them overnight.  Incredibly, my Inspire blend worked quickly to calm my nerves and before I had even left the house, I felt totally chilled out (not a worry in the world) and was so ready to get the party started!  What a turnaround.

That’s when I knew Tamanu Oil Lab was laden with the good stuff.  Oils of this quality can’t be compared to the usual crap found in mainstream beauty products.  If you’ve not experienced the power essential oils can have on your emotional, physical and even spiritual state, it’s unlikely you’ve been using pure, unadulterated essential oils.  There’s a massive difference.

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab Review

An intimate relationship

One of the things I love most about indie beauty brands is the proximity I feel, as a customer, to the product itself, including the origins of its ingredients, the creators, and even the brands’ suppliers.

Jeannine really understands this relationship and puts it foremost above the business.  While her products are of the highest quality, containing only pure, organic and undiluted therapeutic essential and botanical oils, she offers her range to customers at such an affordable price, starting at USD$28.

This is a second job for me (well actually 4th, if you count my real job, my husband’s business that I run, being a wife, and most importantly being a mother), and I truly do it for the emotional fulfilment it brings me… It’s such a wonderful feeling to help people with their skin and soul.

This is #skintherapy at its best.  With her custom Inspire Blend, Jeannine takes the consumer’s experience to a new, unique level.  “I embrace everybody’s individuality and want every person to be inspired… My little company is very small and mainly a way to help people with their skin issues so that they can have more confidence, the real purpose and the reason I offer the Inspire Blend is because I like to get to know people and be able to support people in a greater capacity…”

Jeannine has such a big heart and it is clear that what drives her the most is being able to help her customers on a deeper level.  “I ask about [my client’s] skin and wellness goals and that can sometimes open a door for people who need to talk a little.  When sharing about their overall wellness goals, I can usually tell if they are in need of a ‘friend’.  I have been so blessed in taking this approach and have met some really great clients who I keep in contact with.  I don’t offer advice, just on objective ear.”

One client recently emailed her to say that she had gone into a depression about her skin, but within a week she was looking and feeling so much better.  Even her husband had started using the oil since he saw such fast and remarkable results.  It must be so fulfilling to get testimonials like that.

Skin Therapy with Tamanu Oil Lab ReviewPhoto Credit

To say I was excited about this collaboration is an understatement.  Tamanu Oil Lab had already been on my radar and if you haven’t seen it’s Instagram page, you’ve got to check it out.  Only then will you really understand why I’d been drooling over these gorgeous little bottles full of nutty, divine goodness!

In one of my email communications with Jeannine, she had said to me: “I love your drive and creativity and passion for what you do.  It’s wonderful to meet other like-minded women and I consider it a privileged and honor.”  Well, I feel exactly that way about her.  It was such a pleasure working with someone who approaches their work with so much passion, love and kindness.

Shipping and Availability

Tamanu Oil Lab products can be purchase directly on the site.  International shipping is a flat $25.00.  If you have any questions, just send a quick email to Jeannine at [email protected] and she will get back to you super quick, as she is extremely passionate about customer service.

All products are shipped out of Jeannine’s San Diego lab within 24 hours of placing order.





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