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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of J Lo?  Her beautiful glow, right?  She’s perfected it so well she even has a perfume line named after it!  But why should celebrities have all the fun?  You, too, can develop your own stellar signature look with these three simple tips…

how to get a signature look


One of the keys to good style is consistency.  And what better way to achieve this than to develop a signature look?  Get it right, and you’ll stand out from the crowd!  So let’s see how we can find a look that works for you.

1. Define your makeup style

You’re going to be wearing your signature look every day, so it has to be something you will be comfortable with or you simply won’t wear it (and that would defeat the purpose of a signature look, wouldn’t it?).  It also needs to reflect who you are.  Ask yourself, are you a glamour princess?  The sweet girl next door?  Sex bomb or classic chic?  The options are endless.  Get inspired by googling ‘celebrity makeup looks’ and seeing what’s trending, especially if you’re not instinctively drawn to one particular style.  Ultimately, be realistic and go for a look you feel most comfortable with.

2. Work those features baby

What do you love about your face?  Once you identify your best feature, you are going to work your signature look around it.  For example, if you have luscious lips, or simply love to wear sunglasses like Gwen Stefani, try a bold red lip.  If your Gisele Bundchen-style cheekbones are the envy of us all, you need to hone your contouring skills, girlfriend!  The possibilities are endless, so have fun experimenting.

Let the celebrities inspire you.  Have a think about who shares similar features to you, then google them to see how they work it to their advantage.  The most obvious example that come to mind here is Cara Delevingne and her incredible eyebrows.  No matter how she wears her makeup, one thing always remains the same: her brows steal the show!

signature look

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Another stellar example is Diane Kruger’s piercingly blue eyes.  She uses a palette of warm golden browns to produce a unique spin on the classic smoky eye.  The result: this gorgeous ethereal hazy smokey eye look.  Tell me you don’t think of this look when you think of her?!

signature look

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3. Test the market

Finally, the best way to know how well you are able to pull off a signature look is to wear it out into the world and test the market.  How do you feel?  Comfortable or self-conscious?  Take note of how people react to you.  When you will feel confident and in a state of self-love, you emit good energy into the Universe and this will return to you in positive form.  Try to take note of subtle shifts around you.  It may not be as obvious as comments like “you look lovely today” (although that would be nice!).  It may simply be a subtle increase in heads turning your way, or eye contact from strangers.  Or perhaps you notice friends and family react more positively towards you than usual.

Ultimately, your signature look will be the one that feels the most natural to you.  Enjoy experimenting!

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