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Lust Have It eco beauty subscription boxReview of Lust Have It’s Eco Beauty Subscription Box – Summer!

Almost every beauty obsessed female has done this…

She spends hundreds of dollars on pretty beauty products that promise miracles (because Mrs Celebrity and her 3 best friends are ALL over it) and she thinks this is the product that will finally solve ALL her skin woes.
Then a week or so later… guess what happens?
She breaks out!
Spots all over her face!
Who knew coconut oil didn’t suit, like, totally everyone?!
Unfortunately, “marketing” is pretty savvy at selling us products which may not suit our skin.  What sucks the most is how expensive and wasteful it can be to trial all of these different products until we finally find a product that gives us the results we are so desperately looking for.
Well, don’t worry ladies, there is a fun solution to this problem!

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review

Introducing Lust Have It’s Quarterly Eco Beauty Subscription Box…

Lust Have It offers a really cool quarterly eco beauty subscription box service.  Each quarter they send subscribers 6-8 decent sized eco beauty items to try out for just AUD$29.95 (per quarter).

Lust Have It Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review


Each box includes a mix of full sized beauty products as well as some decent sized sample items.  You can see from the picture above that the Summer box came with 4 (out of 7) full sized products.  Three of the full sized products are actually worth more than the entire subscription box by themselves!  You have to admit that is such incredible value!  I was so totally blown away.  Plus, you get local ‘Aussie’ access to products which would otherwise only be available at US prices and shipping.
Getting an eco beauty subscription box literally solves all of your problems, ladies.  No more spending loads on products you don’t even like.  With a subscription box, you get a whole bunch of different stuff to try out, for the same price you might spend on one single product.  Plus, it’s awesome and fun to let the experts, particularly the passionate peeps at Lust Have it, to curate the collection for you, cos they really know what they’re doing!  It’s a win win.
The girls kindly sent me a subscription.  Lucky me, because for the last two seasons, I’ve been totally blown away by the value offered in each box.  Listed below are my fav products from the Summer Box (which, from here onwards, I’ll simply refer to as ‘Summer’).  You’re going to see just how much value Lust Have It offers with their eco beauty subscription box – it’s seriously insane!

Get $10 off your first box:


(By the way, my Autumn Box review will be coming soon too, so make sure to keep your eye out for it!)

NVEY ECO: Nourishing Bronzer and Powder Blush

NVEY ECO is an Australian certified organic makeup brand which formulates its products without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, plus they do not test on animals.  Tick tick tick!
Summer contained two full sized NVEY ECO beauty products: the Powder Blush in Blushing Rose (AUD$29.95) and the Nourishing Bronzer in Oasis (AUD$49.95).  These two products alone are worth $50 more than what you pay for one season’s entire subscription box!!  I told you, it’s nuts.

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box eview - Nvey Nourishing Bronzer and Powder Blush

I loved these products.  The Powder Blush in Blushing Rose leaves a soft, natural finish.  Subtle cheeks.  It is great for daily use because it is formulated to protect the skin from harmful free radicals, and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.  It is made with a unique blend of Corn Silk, Chamomile and Jojoba Oil.
The Nourishing Compact Bronzer in Oasis is the darker of 2 available shades.  It glides on perfectly and feels really smooth and hydrating on the skin.  The colour is really beautiful, leaving you with a lovely healthy, radiant glow.  Despite being the darker shade, it was totally suitable even for my fair skin.  It is formulated with Vitamins A,C & E and Jojoba Oil.
Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review - Nvey Powder Blush

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review - Nvey Nourishing Bronzer

Littlestuff4u: Intensive Dream Cream

Summer came with a cute little 10g travel jar of Littlestuff4u’s Intensive Dream Cream.  I loved that the ingredients list in this product was so simple.  With a combination of specially blended oils, aloe leaf and beeswax, I knew I was onto a winner here.  It can be used to boost your skin’s moisture levels in problematic dry areas.  Suitable for face, body and, yes, even the delicate eye area.  The consistency is quite oily but I felt that it absorbed really well into the skin.  There was an instant improvement in the skin’s appearance, with flakiness instantly disappearing.  A nice surprise was when I applied it to my hands, it left them feeling soft with a lovely sheen on my nails.  The smell was also pleasant and not overpowering.  Littlesuff4u also offer the option to add a drop or 2 of essential oils too, simply by contacting them when you make your order.
Guest contributor: Joanne Mustica

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review

Ethique: Minute Manicure

Ethique’s Minute Manicure delivers such a brilliant hand pampering experience!  “Hand scrubbing magic!”  I loved this product, it is truly unique and I haven’t seen anything quite like it on the market.  The list of ingredients gets my tick of approval.  This hand scrub uses a combination of lime, oils, cocoa, sugar and butter.  It comes in the form of magical cubes, which soften when wet with warm water.  The scrub felt absolutely amazing on my hands and left them feeling soft and supple with a clean lovely fresh aroma.

Guest contributor: Joanne Mustica

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review - Ethique Minute Manicure
Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review

PHR Solar Protecting Oil

You know how sometimes you wash your hair and then you let it dry naturally and that’s about as much time as you have to spend on your hair?  Does anyone else have this issue?  I have luscious locks (if I don’t say so myself!), which is great, but it can be time consuming to take care of.  Being a working Mum, I often just run out of time and my hair always gets the raw end of the deal… tied up in a bun at the top of my head.  Sad.
But that changed while I was using the PHR Solar Protecting Oil sample on my hair.  This product is infused with natural plant based oils: Argan, Wheat Germ, Palm Kernal, Coconut and Macadamia.  It contains no toxic ingredients, no added parabens, and provides ultimate UV protection.  It also protects against environmental damage caused by wind and chlorine/salt water.  It seriously did wonders for my hair!  Reducing the need to spend an hour straightening it, I would simply let my hair dry overnight and simply run a tiny bit of this product through my hair in the morning.  I’m talking instantly noticeable conditioning, de-tangling, softer and shinier locks, and overall made my hair more manageable than normal.

Lust Have It eco beauty subscription box review

Get $10 off your first box!

The lovely girls at Lust have it have generously offered to give you $10 off your first box.  Simply use code: ELEVENTH1 at the checkout to grab this deal.  Only AUD$19.95 for your first box – what a bargain!!

Lust Have It Eco Beauty Subscription Box Review

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** Lust Have It also offer a Beauty Box and a Fashion & Beauty Box.

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