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I LOVE to feature and collaborate with brands, products and bloggers that embody the Eleventh Beauty ethos and aesthetic.

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Before sending me any products for editorial consideration, kindly ask yourself:

+ Does your product(s) suit my skin & hair profile?

+ Are they clean, natural and/or organic?

+ Are they vegan and/or cruelty free?

+ Are they sustainable and kind to the planet?

+ Will they add value to my readers’ lives?

Eleventh Beauty advocates the art of being #holisticallypretty, a concept which empowers women to embrace their feminism in a way that is kind to kind to humans, animals and the planet.  It is every woman’s birthright to look and feel pretty. But how can there be beauty in disease, contamination cruelty or pollution?  By our consumerist choices, we can literally change the world, one beauty routine at a time!  Eleventh Beauty’s reader is a modern-day superwoman.  She is balancing a career along with all the traditional stuff like raising families, maintaining happy husbands, beautiful households and, generally, just trying to keep up with the Jones.  (She may even be trying her hand at entrepreneurship while working + all the rest… oh hello, have we met?)  But that same lady is also more spiritually enlightened and conscious about what she consumes and where she is spending her hard earned money.   She understands that the sum of all the parts make up the whole and that there is beauty in being healthy inside and out.  And, despite being crazy run off her feet, she still has the same innate desire we women have always had..  she wants to look and feel pretty.  Eleventh Beauty offers informative product reviews/recommendations as well as simple, realistic and easy-to-implement tips, tricks and tools from the experts to help all women hone the art of being #holisticallypretty.

If you decide to engage Eleventh Beauty on a project or campaign, these are my working terms: All products sent to me will be considered for review. However, I do not guarantee that all products will be published on eleventhbeauty.com or mentioned on social media.  No items sent for editorial consideration will be returned.  Please include enough product for at least four weeks of testing.  By sending me product(s) for consideration, you are agreeing to allow me to express my true opinion about it — pros and cons. This stands true even if you have engaged me on a paid basis.   That being said, I do not enjoy giving negative reviews and reserve my right not to publish a review if I don’t feel comfortable (in which case I will notify you by email with constructive feedback and the reason for my decision).  If I feel my readers will benefit from learning about the pros and cons of your product, I again reserve my right to publish my honest opinion.

Please note I am not accepting guest posts at this time.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

Matilda Eleventh Beauty organic beauty blogger

Inspired by Edible Facial’s Blogger Bill of Rights

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