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Nudus Review: certified organic long lasting lipstick - organic beauty blogger

Nudus Review: Certified Organic Long Lasting Lipsticks I saw something pretty incredible on TV the other day. It was a documentary about ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’. (Bear with me here, this has relevance to lipstick!) The scientific world doesn’t know much about these Universal mysteries.  But what they do know is that roughly 68% of the Universe is […] Read more…

The Little Alchemist Review

The Little Alchemist Review

When it comes to luxurious, nutrient rich, eco friendly and ethical skincare, The Little Alchemist pretty much ticks all the boxes.  I’ve really impressed with the results and I have no doubt it all comes down to its unique product formulations… The Little Alchemist Review Natalie Van Epen is the little alchemist behind this gorgeous hand-blended line […] Read more…

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