Who Am I And What’s It All About?

This is the place where I tell you all about me and my blog. And you? You’re in the right place if you’re looking to navigate the ‘niche’ world of natural beauty.

About Matilda Eleventh Beauty

Hello and welcome to my organic beauty blog, Eleventh Beauty.

My name is Matilda but feel free to call me Tilly (my friends do).  I’m a born and bred Melbournian… from Melbourne, Australia, a busy flat out, working mother of two gorgeous little boys and one happy wife to the handsome guy pictured above (with me, duh).

By day, I’m a paralegal in one of Melbourne’s top CBD law firms.  But the magic really happens on my daily commute.  Yup, I magically transform into a bona fideorganic beauty blogger on the train.  (Hey, when your daily commute offers 2 hours of uninterrupted free time, away from family and work demands, a train is as good as any office!)  Every other waking moment is dedicated to my family.

My Skin + Hair Profile

No two people on this planet are alike.  So it’s hard to know if a product that works for me will also work for you.  When it comes to skin care reviews, it’s a really good idea to find a blogger that has a similar skin and hair profile to your own. While, makeup is a little more flexible, different shades are going to work better on different skin types.

To help you figure it all out, I’ve listed my skin and hair profile below.

Matilda Eleventh Beauty
  • 35 years old
  • Extremely fair skin, with pink undertones + freckles
  • Easily burns in the sun (cannot tan naturally, unless using a natural, uh fake tan, wait, what?)
  • Dry, mature aged skin
  • Some redness/broken capillaries
  • Hazel eyes, with smiling wrinkles (often dubbed ‘the smiling assassin’, I smile a LOT)
  • Dry hair & scalp, prone to dandruff
  • Extremely thick hair, yet fine strands
  • Auburn, with naturally occurring blonde strands (in the sun I look like a red head, a brunette any other time)

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How Can Eleventh Beauty Serve You?

I love to embrace beauty and have fun with it.  So you’re going to read plenty of fun posts about ‘green’ beauty and skin care.

But, at its core, Eleventh beauty is an organic beauty blog and the ‘organic’ part means it stands for something bigger than the latest colour swatches…

One of my goals is to take the ‘niche’ out of the natural beauty movement and make it more affordable and accessible to everyone.

I aim to achieve this by being realistic… I’m not here to make you feel inadequate every time you buy a ‘dirty’ blush.  I’m simply going to encourage you to do your best.  Strive for an “80% clean and 20% dirty” ratio and you’ll be fine.  Get educated.  Open your eyes.  Try to make good choices.  But don’t worry when you don’t.

Oh yeah, and I’m totally in love with ALL THINGS in pink blush… if you hadn’t already noticed.


Matilda Eleventh Beauty organic beauty blogger

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