• Eleventh Beauty's Best Essential Oils for Skin

    Best Essential Oils for Skin

    Find out which six essential oils are the best for your skin.  I call this selection “the beauty collection”… These six oils are my all-time favorite ingredients for restoring the skin’s natural beauty.

  • Online Professional Make Up Course - Glow International Make Up School

    GLOW Online Professional Make Up Course

    Make-up for Beginners: learn doing make-up like a Pro!  The easiest in-depth online training course on professional make-up for beginners. Take your make-up skills to completely new level! Join our training program and we will kick-start your new career!

  • Slider Web The Little Alchemist

    The Little Alchemist REVIEW

    If you haven’t yet heard of this beautiful organic skin care line, pay attention!  You will see amazing results…

  • Team Eleventh Beauty

    Passionate about natural living?

    We’re looking for kind, genuine & motivated women to join our growing team and build their own lucrative essential oil business.  Apply TODAY!

Lust Have It Eco Box Review

Review of Lust Have It’s Eco Beauty Subscription Box – Summer! Almost every beauty obsessed female has done this… She spends hundreds of dollars on pretty beauty products that promise miracles (because Mrs Celebrity and her 3 best friends are ALL over it) and she thinks this is the product that will finally solve ALL her skin woes. […] Read more…

how to make homemade soap

How to Make Homemade Soap: the Green Option! There are a host of benefits to making your own soap at home.  It’s pretty cheap, healthy and there’s a real sense of satisfaction and achievement you get from making your own soap to use in the home.  It’s also far better for the environment.  So as you’re […] Read more…

skin conditions

A Beauty Lover’s Guide to Living with Skin Conditions! I recently shared a post about how what we eat has an impact on our skin and how important it is to eat well if we want healthy skin. While that’s true, food isn’t the only factor when it comes to the state of your skin.  Just over […] Read more…

Toxic beauty

Toxic Beauty: How well do you really know your beauty products? Source: http://www.phillymag.com How well do you really know your beauty products? You know, the ones that you basically apply on your body, skin and hair day in and day out?? We live in a modern day world of toxic beauty.  On average women are […] Read more…

How To Get Perfect Teeth

How To Get Perfect Teeth and a Beautiful Smile! Our smile reveals a lot about our personality.  Picture someone with a big and vibrant smile.  Someone who is showing their teeth.  They look happy, they look full of life.  Then picture someone who isn’t smiling so fully.  Not showing any teeth at all.  They may look unhappy, […] Read more…

Health benefits of walnut oil

Hidden Health Benefits of Walnut Oil! Organic walnut oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets.  As matters stand, merely 5.5% of all adults aged 19-50 consume tree nuts of any kind, when in fact the regular consumption of walnuts and walnut oil can provide us with potent health benefits.  So whether you are looking […] Read more…

How to get glowing skin

How to Get Glowing Skin: 5 Amazing Products for a Radiant Complexion! Photo source: news.com.au Every woman wants glowing skin. It helps us feel more confident and gives us a younger, healthier look. Every woman wants glowing skin… Click To Tweet Once you get that gorgeous glow, you know you are going to feel more confident and you’ll […] Read more…

Apoterra Skincare Interview

Apoterra Skincare Interview Meet the Maker | Dominique Caron One of the fundamental reasons I created Eleventh Beauty was because I’m a fan (a groupie, if you will) of the organic beauty makers of the world.  I’m in awe of their ingenuity and creativity.  These amazing artisans handcraft such lovely beauty products,  which contain super complex and nutritious ingredients for, not just […] Read more…

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