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    May 23rd – 30th 2016!

    Life hacks of the modern career woman!   Find out how the top health and wellness experts cope with their own busy lives.

  • Eleventh Beauty's Best Essential Oils for Skin

    Best Essential Oils for Skin

    Find out which six essential oils are the best for your skin.  I call this selection “the beauty collection”… These six oils are my all-time favorite ingredients for restoring the skin’s natural beauty.

  • Online Professional Make Up Course - Glow International Make Up School

    GLOW Online Professional Make Up Course

    Make-up for Beginners: learn doing make-up like a Pro!  The easiest in-depth online training course on professional make-up for beginners. Take your make-up skills to completely new level! Join our training program and we will kick-start your new career!

  • Slider Web The Little Alchemist

    The Little Alchemist REVIEW

    If you haven’t yet heard of this beautiful organic skin care line, pay attention!  You will see amazing results…

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    Passionate about natural living?

    We’re looking for kind, genuine & motivated women to join our growing team and build their own lucrative essential oil business.  Apply TODAY!

Beauty Issues

Top 5 Beauty Issues That Affect our Self Esteem One of the top things women worry about in their life is their appearance and whether they look beautiful enough.  Which is quite sad considering that men, on the other hand, generally have a lot higher self-esteem than we do. Here are some of our biggest […] Read more…

how to get glowing skin

How to Get Glowing Skin in Warm Weather If you’re looking forward to a holiday, spare a thought for your skin.  While a dose of vitamin D can be fantastic for your skin, there are some hazards to try and avoid in the warmer months.  Here is a guide to some warm weather skin saviours […] Read more…

Feel more beautiful

4 easy ways to boost your confidence and feel more beautiful! Did you know that the most common cause of a lack of confidence is not feeling beautiful?  More than one in two women lack confidence, which means that over half of us don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror!  This […] Read more…

Is your skin getting enough of these important nutrients - organic beauty blogger

Is your skin getting enough of these important nutrients? Image: Pixabay The skin is our largest organ.  It is also the only organ we display to the world, so it’s no wonder we want it to look good.  But without a healthy body, we cannot have healthy skin. Are you feeding your skin with the nutrients […] Read more…

Careers in the beauty industry - Eleventh Beauty

Careers in the Beauty Industry: Why you should consider it… First, a word on #lifealchemy… One of the things I talk a lot about on social media is the concept of #lifealchemy. Let’s take a minute to explore the meaning of this word. The Merrium Webster dictionary defines alchemy as: 1 : a medieval chemical science […] Read more…

How to Wash your Face with Botanic Organic's Double Cleansing Duo

How to Wash your Face with Botanic Organic’s Double Cleansing Duo I’m always talking about the importance of feeding your skin with the best ingredients in order to see long lasting change.  But technique also plays a major part in skin transformation. This is where the double cleansing method steps in.  This is a simple technique you can […] Read more…

Superfoods for Super Skin by Eleventh Beauty

Superfoods for Super Skin!  |  BEAUTY SECRETS Did you know that it can take up to 6 weeks for new skin to emerge to the surface? It’s important to be patient with your skincare and beauty regime as it can take time to see the visible benefits.  However, deciding to implement positive changes to your beauty routine, […] Read more…

Apoterra Skincare, Plant + Mineral Based Skincare, Formerley Caru Skincare, Handmade in NYC, by Eleventh Beauty

APOTERRA SKINCARE REVIEW | ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE, HANDMADE IN NYC   I love being given the opportunity to review products which are crafted by companies like Apoterra Skincare (formerly Caru Skincare Co).  This brand really represents everything that I love about natural skincare. The name, Apoterra, means “derived from the earth” and they offer a lovely range of natural and sustainable skincare products which […] Read more…

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